Jimmy Kimmel mocks Prince Harry & Williams’ alleged ‘fight’ in Sketch – Hollywood Life

Jimmy Kimmel mocks Prince Harry & Williams’ alleged ‘fight’ in Sketch – Hollywood Life

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Princess Diana with Prince Harry and Prince William


PRINCE WILLIAM, PRINCESS DIANA, PRINCE CHARLES AND PRINCE HARRY AND JANITOR DR GALLEY Prince William's first day at Eton College Public School, Windsor, Britain - 1995

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Most of the world was shocked when The guard published an excerpt of Prince Harry’s forthcoming memoir, Spare, in which he detailed an alleged fight with his older brother, Prince William. However, Jimmy Kimmel thought the alleged scuffle needed a visual representation. During the January 5 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he presented “Two Princes: A True Story,” a re-enactment featuring two people dressed like Prince.

A re-enactment of Prince William and Prince Harry’s fistfight! 👑🥊 pic.twitter.com/BkItXUPgqn

— Jimmy Kimmel Live (@JimmyKimmelLive) January 6, 2023

When the lyrics to the alleged fight appeared on screen (“William put the water down. Then he called me another name”), the princes acted it out, with Prince 1 saying, “You’re a wanker!” in a funny accent . An exchange of blows ensued, in which “Prince” Harry fell on a dog’s food bowl. “That’s what it sounds like when pigeons cry!” said “Prince” William. As the story reaches the line “Then I got him to face the music,” “Prince” Harry picks up one of Prince’s signature guitars and plays a killer solo. Unfortunately, the reenactment didn’t end with a performance of “Two Princes” by the Spin Doctors, but maybe “Weird” Al Yankovic will do something with it.

Kimmel’s recovery may have been absurd, but the shared text was exactly what Harry wrote in his memoir, Spare. Harry wrote that William visited his brother at Nottingham Cottage to complain about Meghan Markle, who Harry then said “repeated the press narrative” about his wife “and that he expected better.” This reportedly resulted in the two brothers “yelling at each other,” which allegedly led to a scuffle.

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“He turned off the water, called me another name, and then approached me,” Harry wrote. “Everything happened so fast. So very quickly. He grabbed my collar, broke my chain and threw me to the ground. I landed on the dog’s bowl, which broke under my back and the pieces cut into me. I lay dazed for a moment, then got up and told him to get out.” William wanted Harry to hit him back, which the younger prince refused. Harry wrote that as he left, William “turned and called back, ‘You don’t have to tell Meg about this.’ “You mean you attacked me?” ‘I didn’t attack you, Harold.'”

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Harry doubled down on the allegations in a preview of his January 8 interview with ITV. “What was different here was the level of frustration,” Harry said. “I’m talking about the ‘red fog’ that I’ve had for so many years and I saw that ‘red fog’ in him. He wanted me to hit him back. But I decided against it.”

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