LA homeowner claimed contractor took the money but didn’t complete the job

LA homeowner claimed contractor took the money but didn’t complete the job

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Rosa Crespin wanted shutters for her new home. She claimed that Glendora’s Affordable Window Coverings offered six-window shutters for a reasonable price of $1,750. However, according to Crespin, the company only struck the deal with her provided she paid the full amount up front.

According to Crespin, the shutters should be installed in four weeks. But she claimed that after that deadline, the owner of Affordable Window Coverings in Glendora had only made her statements.

“I thought the price was great. Wow, that’s wonderful, I thought,” she remarked.

“They’re late, backordered, etc,” she recalled hearing them often.

I work very hard for my money. I work overtime and have three children. They’re not just stealing me, they’re stealing my children, too, she noted.

Crespin claimed that she finally requested a refund after waiting over three months, but that request was denied too.

Based in Glendora, Affordable Window Coverings are regulated by the Contractors State License Board, which oversees the construction sector. The licensing authority also claims that this job had problems from the start.

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The company must be state licensed to perform tasks like Crespin’s, which cost more than $500. Affordable window decorations in Glendora are not. In addition, contractors are not permitted to accept full payment in advance. In fact, they are only allowed to receive $1,000 or 10% of the contract price. According to Samantha DeMelo of the contractor’s board of directors, the consumer should only have to pay $175 for the $1,750 project.

If you have an issue with a contractor upon receipt, the licensing authority will review your complaint and attempt to resolve the issue. Indeed, the board has the power to suspend a contractor’s license. However, Crespin’s contractor lacked a license. “CLSB’s options are limited when a contractor is unlicensed,” DeMelo said.

The Affordable Window Coverings in Glendora was contacted by the I-Team but no one answered our calls or emails. However, Crespin was in for a pleasant surprise: when the I-Team contacted her bank, Bank of America, she received a credit for the lost money. Crespin is grateful for that.

“I fought hard to make the money. I have to work hard for everything. And that $1,750 just disappears like that,” she added.

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LA homeowner filed claims for damages but didn’t complete work Check all the news and articles from the latest business news updates.

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