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Level 5 Storm: Exactly 41 years ago, another deadly storm hit the Bay Area

Level 5 Storm: Exactly 41 years ago, another deadly storm hit the Bay Area

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SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Wednesday’s severe storm came on the anniversary of one of the worst storms in Bay Area history.

On January 3, 4, and 5, 1982, the Santa Cruz Mountains received more than 25 inches of rain and about 16 inches fell in Marin County.

MORE: From washed away piers to devastating flooding, here’s a look at storm damage in the Bay Area

A total of 31 people were killed during the storm, mostly from mudslides, including 10 in the Love Creek neighborhood of Ben Lomond in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

A total of 630 homes were destroyed or damaged and 55,000 people displaced from across the Bay Area.

VIDEO: Significant storm damage in Santa Cruz Co., cleanup underway, more rain ahead

Hurricane-force winds, surging surf and torrential downpours from a powerful “atmospheric flow” hit California on Thursday, cutting off tens of thousands of electricity, causing flooding and contributing to the deaths of at least two people, including a toddler whose home was crushed by a falling tree .

Raging seas damaged two historic piers, rock and mudslides closed freeways, and deep snow piled up in the last of a series of ski resort atmospheric flows — long plumes of moisture stretching far across the Pacific — to reach the drought-stricken state. Storm Pineapple Express originated near Hawaii and was pulled toward the west coast by a rotating area of ​​rapidly falling air pressure known as the “bomb cyclone.”

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