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LG TVs that roll into the roof of a car are my childhood dream come true

LG TVs that roll into the roof of a car are my childhood dream come true

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A person sitting in the back seat of LG Display's autonomous concept vehicle playing basketball on a retractable OLED display that extends from the ceiling.

CES is a mix of tech you can actually buy in the coming year and tech you probably won’t realize for another decade. LG’s display division likes to let their imaginations run wild at the show, and they’re having one this year car of the future This uses the flexibility of OLED displays to turn the back seat into a home theater.

There are a few companies exhibiting at CES that are particularly looking forward to a future where autonomous cars are the norm and a vehicle’s passengers can focus on other distractions instead. Putting televisions in cars is far from a new idea — when I was a kid, our family van had a hefty black-and-white set with a tiny screen mounted on a pivot in the ceiling — but today it mainly is limited to compact LCD screens in the dashboard, or mounted on the backs of the seats.

Last year at CES 2022, BMW unveiled a concept vehicle with a feature called Theater Screen: an ultra-wide 31-inch 8K display that allowed rear-seat passengers to watch two different movies side-by-side. The downside of the idea was that passengers didn’t always want a screen of this size blocking their view, and the theater screen would fold up and out of the way into the BMW’s padded headliner at the expense of headroom in the vehicle.

A close-up of the ceiling of LG Display's autonomous concept vehicle, showing the ledge into which the vehicle's retractable OLED screens roll.

At CES 2023, LG Display proposes a better idea that looks like one of my childhood dreams is about to come true. The company flipped the same flexible OLED technology found in its $87,000 retractable TVs upside down and taped it to the ceiling of a car. Its footprint when stowed and rolled up is much smaller than required for a rigid LCD screen that can be folded out of the way, while still allowing for a generous 18-inch picture that can be used for watching movies, TV, or even video calls can be. It’s akin to those retractable sun visors you can suck on a vehicle’s windows, but with the potential to make a two-hour drive feel like it flew by in seconds.

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