Lizzo Calls Out Body-Shaming Comments And Societal Norms: ‘I Wish Comments Cost You All Money’

Lizzo Calls Out Body-Shaming Comments And Societal Norms: ‘I Wish Comments Cost You All Money’

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Lizzo has seen all the comments about her body and takes the first step to put an end to them.

In a new Instagram video, the 34-year-old musician took a break from her beach vacation to name the comments she’s seen about her body – from being overweight to how she’s changed since she’s lost some weight, and now she’s nabbing the comments and beauty standards from.

“If we had to pay money for every comment we post on social media, maybe people would think before they type 😏,” she captioned the video, calling out the comments.

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“The body discourse is officially tired,” Lizzo explained in the clip. “I’ve seen comments of, ‘Oh my god, I liked you when you were fat. Why did you lose weight?’; to ‘Oh my god, why did you get a BBL? [Brazilian butt lift]? I liked your body before’; to ‘Oh my god, you’re so tall. You need to lose weight, but for your health’; to ‘Oh my god, you’re so small. You need a** or tits or something’; to ‘Oh my god, why did she do all this work? It’s just too much work.’”

She then directed a question to the people who follow her and make those comments: “Are we okay? do you see the deception Do we realize artists aren’t here to fit your beauty standards? Artists are here to make art. And this body is art.”

Lizzo proudly showed off her body in the clip, continuing, saying that she “will do whatever I want with this body.”

“I wish comments would cost you all money. So we can see how much time we’re wasting on the wrong thing. Can we leave that shit back there, please?”

This isn’t the first time Lizzo has spoken out about beauty standards, and she recently dedicated her first Emmy win to “the big girls.”

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