Lizzo fires back at body-shaming comments

Lizzo fires back at body-shaming comments

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Lizzo has a lot to say to the people who won’t stop talking about her figure… she’s sick of all the body shaming and says she’s not here to meet anyone’s beauty standards.

The singer just took to social media for a long time, posting a video in a bikini addressing anyone and everyone who has something to say about her body.

Lizzo says she’s sick of the body discourse… and rattling off all the different things she hears about her own body. Her point – no matter what she does, someone always has something to criticize.

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Remember… Kanye West and Aries Spears destroyed Lizzo’s body last year, and she even responded to her comments during a show in Toronto.

Lizzo doesn’t mention anyone by name in her tirade, which was her MO on the matter, but she does address her haters, celebs and others, calling them “delusional.”

The way Lizzo sees it…she’s not here to conform to anyone’s standards of beauty, and she’ll do whatever she wants with her body, which she believes is a work of art in itself.

Lizzo's Hot Shots

Lizzo says people waste their effort commenting on all of her Twitter posts… and she suggests charging $5.99 for each comment on her tweet.

Call out Elon Musk.

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