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M Night Shyamalan Unbreakable Trilogy could have linked 4th movie

M Night Shyamalan Unbreakable Trilogy could have linked 4th movie

#Night #Shyamalan #Unbreakable #Trilogy #linked #4th #movie Welcome to Alaska Green Light Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Mr Glass the Beast and Bruce Willis.

Glass could have transitioned with a fourth M. Night Shyamalan film. Image: Universal

When M. Night Shyamalan adapted his intense thriller “Split” into a surprise sequel to “Unbreakable,” nerd brains snapped around the world. He then completed the unlikely trilogy with 2019’s (hugely disappointing) Glass, bringing together the overpowered stars of Unbreakable and Split. Now, in a new interview, the writer/director reveals that he had considered tying another of his films to this universe, but got cold feet at the last minute.

You guessed it: it’s Avatar: The Last Airbender. Aang was supposed to show up and… no, we’re kidding, but that would have been wild, right? In fact, it was Shyamalan’s surprise hit The Visit, which came out before Split, that he considered diving into his burgeoning cinematic universe.

“There was a connection I almost made,” Shyamalan said Hollywood reporter. “It was in Glass when they all got into the mental institution. I wanted to tell a story about The Visit and how two people escaped from the same hospital. I wanted to do it, but I chickened out.”

For those who may not remember 2015’s The Visit, it was the film that freed Shyamalan from director’s prison and completely changed the course of his career. After three high-profile, big-budget failures (The Happening, The Last Airbender, After Earth), the creator of The Sixth Sense has recalibrated. He wrote a small found footage film about two children visiting their grandparents for the first time. But – Shyamalan twist spoiler alert – turns out the creepy grandparents aren’t her real grandparents, and all hell breaks loose. The movie was a surprise hit and after that the director shot Split which made a connection to Unbreakable and the rest is history.

Considering that Glass wasn’t, well, that great, that the story wasn’t distracted by this alien connection, it’s probably for the best. And yet, why not? Saying the cheating grandparents were from the same mental institution wouldn’t have changed either story. It would have just been a fun Easter egg for the fans. Which in hindsight might be exactly what it is now.

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Are you disappointed that Shyamalan didn’t tie a fourth movie to his superhero trilogy? Do you still hold out hope that more of this story will continue? Let us know below.

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