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Magnum, Higgins is NOT a dream…

Magnum, Higgins is NOT a dream…

#Magnum #Higgins #dream Welcome to Alaska Green Light Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Magnum P.I. Season 5We have to say that the past week has been so good for us in the world of Magnum PI Season 5. Just think of all the great stuff we’ve seen!

First of all, remember that a new promo for the NBC show surfaced yesterday, cheering their return on February 19th… and also one that showed Magnum and Higgins in the shower. For anyone out there wondering about their relationship after season four ended, this was a pretty clear indication of where things are going. The two won’t just brush their feelings aside, even as they continue to work together on different cases.

Now thanks to someone else new tease There’s one more thing we can confirm, courtesy of the network: That shower scene is no dream. We didn’t necessarily think it was like that before seeing this, but there’s something comforting about that knowledge, lest we get totally paranoid for the next few weeks.

In general, we’re inclined to think that one of the big questions entering the next chapter of Magnum PI will be pretty simple: Can these two characters juggle a romantic relationship and a partnership? It will inevitably change the way they work together in the field to some degree, and it could also result in the two putting additional pressure on themselves. There will still be plenty of banter and humor between them; We don’t expect their togetherness to radically change the show in the slightest. Instead, this is just a way to add another fun dimension to the procedure. The action and drama will still be 100% present.

For now, let’s just hope we get even more previews of what’s to come in the coming weeks. Why wouldn’t we want those at this point?

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What great things are you hoping for from Magnum and Higgins in Season 5 of Magnum PI?

Share it in the comments right now! Once you’ve done just that, you’ll keep coming back for some other updates. (Photo: NBC.)

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