Morgan Wallen was caught pouring a drink down a woman’s blouse at a Nashville bar

Morgan Wallen was caught pouring a drink down a woman’s blouse at a Nashville bar

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Morgan Wallen was filmed pouring a drink down the blouse of a woman at a bar – after she got frustrated trying to pull him away from some of his buddies.

The country singer was out and about in Nashville on Friday night and appeared to be hanging out on the famed downtown Broadway strip … where he stopped by this establishment for a little visit. A lot of people quickly noticed him and pulled out their cameras, which he didn’t hide from.

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In the first clip, recorded by a user named reillyvicendessee Morgan coming over to take photos with other bar patrons and have a good time…with what appears to be an entourage behind him, including a certain woman (a blonde in a black top and white pants) who background hovers in the bar – keeping a watchful eye on MW as he mingles.

The second clip is the one where we see him in action. It seems like there’s some tension between him and this woman as she tries to lure him away from a group of guys he’s chatting to in the back.

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When she takes his hand, he pulls her away dramatically.

The woman ignores this and goes back to her friend, but then… Morgan sneaks up behind her and quickly spills a full cup of liquid directly onto the front of her shirt – clearly leaving her in shock. She pushes him back a little, and Morgan is boxing.

Nashville is undefeated! 3 days with some of my closest friends is enough for me!

Walking into a bar for only the fourth time last night I just happened to end up next to Morgan Wallen all night!

In the words of @Morgan Wallen😘✌️Nashville! pic.twitter.com/4oYmlO7Dq7

— Chase Brewster (@Brewsterc29) January 7, 2023
@ Brewsterc29

Apparently he realized she wasn’t pleased with the rude gesture…as he backed into the corner of an alcove and out of sight. It’s unclear what else might have become of this interaction.

While the full context of his relationship with this woman is missing for now – which might help explain if this was innocent or malicious – we have to say… on the face of it he comes off as an idiot here. The girl in question didn’t look like she wanted that at all.

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We’ve reached out to his camp for further comments…no response yet.

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