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Nuwa Launches Smart Pen • Alaska Green Light Blog

Nuwa Launches Smart Pen • Alaska Green Light Blog

#Nuwa #Launches #Smart #Pen #Alaska Green Light Blog Welcome to Alaska Green Light Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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We’ve seen many companies attempt to transform the humble pen into something more digital, but few have succeeded as elegantly as it has Nuva. The company showed off its smart pen at CES in Las Vegas this week.

The smart pen uses three built-in cameras, motion and pressure sensing electronics to capture and digitize your ink doodles. The accompanying app protects your notes and can even decode your handwriting so the notes are searchable too. The pen itself writes on any paper and can make notes in journals, notebooks, sticky notes… well, any paper really.

We’ve seen the pen in action and it works fantastically well, capturing writing quickly and easily. Being able to search for “dinner” in the app and see the note reminding you where and when you’re eating tonight felt very magical.

“Handwriting is a deeply personal way of thinking, so it was important that we designed the Nuwa Pen to just process the ink and do that processing on the device,” says Marc Tuinier, one of the company’s co-founders. “Our end-to-end digital handwriting encryption solution ensures your thoughts are safe and secure from the moment you start writing.”

Refreshingly for a hardware startup, the Dutch company doesn’t sell its own cartridges, opting instead to support industry-standard D1 ink cartridges. You can Get four of these for $12and they are available at most stationery stores and online.

The pen comes with a case that charges the pen in 15 minutes. A full battery is enough for about two hours of active writing time – after that there is probably time for a 15-minute break anyway.

With the Nuwa Pen App you always have access to your notes. If you want your handwritten notes to be converted into typed text, the company offers Nuwa Pen+ for €2.99 per month on subscription.

As someone who is permanently glued to my phone and hasn’t touched a pen in a very long time, except to sign things, I can’t really imagine using this one. The price point is also interesting; For $280 you can buy the Nuwa stylus, or you could go with a fully digital stylus ReMarkable 2 tablet and pen combo. For just $10 more, get Amazon’s Kindle Scribe, a full-featured Kindle that you can write on with a pen. In other words: the technology is great, but at this price point you’d have to write a lot (or be a big fan of being able to write over writing on a tablet with a real pen) for it to make any real sense.

The Nuwa Pen will be available in August 2023 for $279 or can be pre-ordered today for $179. Nuwa will be available in Ebony (black) or Ivory (white).

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