Patriots honor Damar Hamlin at Gillette Stadium

Patriots honor Damar Hamlin at Gillette Stadium

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The NFL also revealed plans for how it will honor Hamlin ahead of Week 18 matchups across the league.

The Patriots and NFL pay tribute to Bill’s safety Damar Hamlin ahead of this weekend’s matchups.

On Friday, the Patriots announced that they painted each “3” on the field at Gillette Stadium a blue outline to honor Hamlin, who wears the No. 3.

It’s just one of the many ways the Patriots paid tribute to Hamlin in the days following his cardiac arrest during Monday night’s Bills-Bengals game. The Patriots placed the message “Patriots Nation Stands With Damar Hamlin” on one of their video screens Tuesday and lit Gillette Stadium blue all week.

Numerous Patriots members have also donated to Hamlin’s toy drive, including Robert Kraft. The Patriots owner donated $18,003 for the ride, using the 18 in his donation because it symbolizes “chai” or “life” in Jewish culture.

The NFL sent a message to the public address announcer before each game this weekend before each game to read the “uniform support” for Hamlin, as well as the first responders and medical attendants for him.

Every player in the league has the option to wear black t-shirts with “Love for Damar 3” written on them during the pre-match warm-up. The Bills will wear a jersey with the same message, but it will be in the team’s royal blue instead of black.

Buffalo players will also have a “3” shirt patch on their uniforms when they host New England on Sunday.

The Patriots held their final practice Friday before Sunday’s game against the Bills. Ahead of a likely emotional game with playoff implications for the Patriots, Bill Belichick wants his team to “control what we can control.”

“Everyone has to process it individually, like we did,” Belichick said. “But expect it to be an emotional scene. We end up going there to play our best soccer game. So I think everyone understands that there is a balance and there are several things going on here.‚ÄĚ

Hamlin’s condition has improved in recent days. His breathing tube was removed Friday morning so he could FaceTime with his Bills teammates as he is still at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

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