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Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Premiere Date: No Reveal in BMF?

Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Premiere Date: No Reveal in BMF?

#Power #Book #Force #Season #Premiere #Date #Reveal #BMF Welcome to Alaska Green Light Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Power Book IV: Force Season 1We’re inclined to think that if you’re like us, you’ll be thrilled to see this Power Book IV: Power Season 2 premieres sometime in the future. In a way, you might even have hoped for big news to be unveiled alongside the BMF premiere this week.

After all, doesn’t that make some reasonable sense? Well, one can argue that announcing the start date for the Joseph Sikora series before today’s premiere made sense. Both shows will be executive produced by 50 Cent, air on the same network in Starz, and share at least some of the same audience. We do not believe that this argument is impossible to consider.

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Unfortunately, the BMF premiere is over and with that, we haven’t learned anything more about the Force Season 2 start date. Why is that? The simplest answer we can give you is this: We’re still a bit too far from the premiere for big news to come out! We think Starz will eventually roll out the red carpet for the new season, but we might be stuck until we’re in March for some concrete news on Tommy Egan’s future. For now, we don’t expect this show to premiere until we get there in either May or June, and that’s assuming Force doesn’t air that long after Ghost.

Ultimately, we’d be a little more curious if Starz will be using BMF to further advance Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 – we’d be honestly surprised if there aren’t some big reveals up front (like a trailer) soon. We already know it’s coming back on March 17th.

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What are you looking forward to most when it comes to Power Book IV: Force Season 2, no matter when it premieres?

Did you want to announce a date before the BMF premiere? Share it in the comments right now! When you’ve done just that, come back for other updates. (Photo: Starz.)

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