Prince William reportedly refused to entertain a “foursome” idea with Meghan Markle because she was “an American actress.”

Prince William reportedly refused to entertain a “foursome” idea with Meghan Markle because she was “an American actress.”

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Troubles in the royal family continue as Prince Harry’s new memoir reveals some more details about them. Since the release of their documentaries, the prince and Meghan Markle have been candid about the things they faced during their time in the royal family. The Duke even shared incidents from his childhood and Princess Diana’s death in the Netflix documentary.

Prince Harry

Now the prince’s new memoirs are causing distress for the royal family. In his book Spare, the Duke revealed grave details of his life and attacked the royal family head-on. The royal brothers have had issues between them for a long time, and now the new revelation through the book has turned events around.

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Prince Harry reveals Prince William warned him about Meghan Markle

Prince William warned Prince Harry not to propose to Meghan MarklePrince William warned Prince Harry not to propose to Meghan Markle

The new memoir, due to be released on January 10, has caused trouble in the royal family. Prince Harry has captured minute details of his life in Spare. He revealed in the book that Prince William stopped him from proposing to Markle by saying their relationship was going too fast.

BetterUp’s CIO said in his memoir that the Prince of Wales turned down the idea of ​​him and Meghan Markle forming a foursome alongside his wife Kate Middleton. The prince’s decision came after he knew the now-Duchess of Sussex was an American actress.

the duke said

“One day, as he sat together in his garden, he predicted a lot of trouble I would expect if I shared a line with an American actress that he always made sound like a convicted felon.”

The father-of-two also confessed that his brother was strict with the actress and believed their late mother helped him find the Suits actress. At the same time, the Prince of Wales took a step back and confronted his younger brother for going too far.

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Tension between the two brothers rose during Prince Harry’s wedding preparations

Prince Harry's Prince and Princess of Wales and Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Despite his brother’s warning, the Duke went ahead and got engaged to Markle in 2017 after being in a relationship for a year. The preparations for the wedding deepened the rift between the brothers. When deciding on the location for their big day, Prince William dismissed the idea of ​​the current Duke and Duchess of Sussex getting married at Westminster Abbey, where he and Middleton had tied the knot seven years earlier. He also shot down St Pauls, where her parents, King Charles and Princess Diana, were married in 1981.

The 40-year-old royal even wrapped up the traditional family dinner with his brother and the actress. The 38-year-old prince said he sees no way of resolving his differences with the royal family. He has even spoken openly about his strained relationship with his family on several occasions. The prince revealed in his documentary that he wants to make amends with his nearly estranged family.

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