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Rantanen snubbed, Pittsburgh trade needed?

Rantanen snubbed, Pittsburgh trade needed?

#Rantanen #snubbed #Pittsburgh #trade #needed Welcome to Alaska Green Light Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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The NHL picked the wrong Avalanche representative for the All-Star Game, and the Penguins may need a swap to shake things up.

That plus the latest NHL news and NHL trade rumors in your Colorado Hockey Now Evan’s Daily.

Colorado Hockey Now

Cale Makar was the Avalanche’s pick for the All-Star Game, but the NHL got it wrong.

The turning point in the game against the Canucks came with a delayed icing in the second third.

National hockey now

Pittsburgh: The Penguins are falling rapidly in the standings. Is it time for Ron Hexall move something?

Boston: Travis Frederic take his step In Boston.

Florida: A much-needed win end their drought in Florida.

San Jose: The sharks have claims the most popular man in New Mexico.

New York Islanders: Losing Yours star player? This is not good.

Vegas: Logan Thompson was a epiphany for the Golden Knights.

Washington: The Capitals banked a player they had high hopes for before the year.

Calgary: The Flames won with contributions from some former players avalanche Player.

Montreal: It’s all about the future for Canadians, so it’s time for one World Junior Review.

Los Angeles: In search of Ice Age, the Kings could send one Great view back to juniors.

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