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Razer’s 5G Edge Gaming Handheld Arrives January 26th for $400 • Alaska Green Light Blog

Razer’s 5G Edge Gaming Handheld Arrives January 26th for $400 • Alaska Green Light Blog

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If you are a gamer who plays a lot on your Android phone, this is Razer Edge could be the dedicated platform you’re looking for – and the device will be available later this month starting at $400, the company announced at CES.

The past few years have been interesting for handheld gaming, as following the resounding success of the Switch, companies have taken different approaches to making something better than a phone, but not quite as involved as a full-fledged console. Valve’s Steam deck was the most visible of these attempts, but phone game conversion kits like the Backbone have also gained popularity.

Razer is a force in PC gaming but has had mixed success in the mobile space as its branded phones and accessories haven’t garnered much attention. The Edge is its biggest game yet, an Android handheld dedicated entirely to gaming – there are no calls or texts here. It’s a modified version of the phone-mounted Kishi controller with additional features and the permanently attached 5G “phone”.

The device itself is definitely enticing for anyone who plays serious games on Android: with a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen with 2400 x 1080 and a refresh rate of 144 Hz, it actually beats what most games on the platform support . But of course, software grows to fit the container it’s put in, so we can expect games that support this display mode natively, as well as the few that already do (like Steam Link, but that’s kind of a cheat) .

It does seem promising as a compact, dedicated gaming platform, but the real question is, at $400 for the Wi-Fi version and more for the 5G version, will anyone shell out that much when you consider that price point? could get a steam deck or switch. Android has a lot of good games, but it can feel a bit lacking compared to the library available on PC and Switch. And of course, you might already have dropped a few bills on your current gaming phone – which you could add a controller to for a lot cheaper.

However, if you’re banking on the continued success of game-streaming services like Geforce Now, maybe a compact, dedicated handheld like this, with a great screen and 5G (but currently only on Verizon) is the way to go. You have until January 26 to make your decision.

We’ll try to get some hands-on time with the device at CES and see if it lives up to the hype.

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