Shawn Michaels got drunk and humiliated Jeff Hardy

Shawn Michaels got drunk and humiliated Jeff Hardy

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Shawn Michaels was one of the biggest names in wrestling in the 1990s. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ was loved by fans and he was one whose record seemed unfathomable at the time.

There were people who didn’t get along with it as it was difficult to handle in those days. His back injury robbed him. During a backstage incident after Michaels won his match, Ric Flair asked him for a drink.

Michaels had become a religious guy and wanted to stay away from all of those things. In a recent episode of him Extreme Life Podcast.Matt Hardy discussed the backstage incident with how things were going, and Michaels called Jeff a Shawn Michaels wannabe.

The discussion was fun as there was no fight or heated argument, but both parties enjoyed the conversation. An altercation between wrestlers is common, as is backstage talk.

“Shawn wasn’t drinking at the time, he was very religious. And Rick [Flair] was down there just annoying him to death. He says, “Come on Shawn! Look at the champion John! He’s the leader now.

He’s drinking something. Shawn, you can have a drink! That doesn’t make you a bad person.”

“Ric finally got Shawn to give in and have a drink. So he’s sitting there drinking his drinks and you see the “old” Shawn Michaels come out. And Jeff and I, we were just tickled.

“Look at you Jeff Hardy. A wannabe Shawn Michaels!”

“You see Shawn and now that he’s had a few he’s like, ‘Yeah, look at you Jeff Hardy. A wannabe Shaw Michaels! People know I’m the one. You think you’re hot, right, just because people love you. Well, people will always believe in me! Will they always believe in you?”

Umaga came in between talks to protect herself from the thought that things might go bad. It shows that they had respect for each other and wanted to keep things that way. They just enjoyed their moment backstage and had fun with it.

Do you remember such a moment between two wrestlers? Mute the comments.

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