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Sony’s Project Leonardo controller makes PS5 games more accessible

Sony’s Project Leonardo controller makes PS5 games more accessible

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Sony’s first-party game studios have done a great job of improving accessibility options for gamers, but the company is lagging behind Microsoft when it comes to accessories designed for gamers with diverse needs.

The company hopes that the newly announced Project Leonardo controller kit, which debuted at CES 2023, will restore balance. The customizable controller kit that offers the familiar controls in a circular design with a directional joystick.

in one blog entryAccording to Sony, the controller, which is slated for a future release, will “help many gamers with disabilities play games more easily, comfortably, and for longer.”

The gaming giant teamed up with accessibility experts and the gaming community to create the configurable controller that addresses the needs of gamers who struggle to hold the controller for long, accurately press the small, closely spaced buttons or to position their fingers and thumbs.

You can see the thought that went into the Leonardo project in the video below.

According to Sony, the controller kit is a canvas for gamers to create their own layout and configuration “suitable for their strength, range of motion and particular physical needs.”

Of course, the resulting layout can be mapped to the inputs required for games on the PS5 console and profiles can be set up to ensure they are saved. The Project Leonardo controllers can also be used alongside DualSense controllers. This means that friends or family members can help control the player’s game if needed.

Morimoto, Designer, Sony Interactive Entertainment, says: “Because players can customize Project Leonardo to their needs, there is no ‘right’ form factor. We want to empower them to create their own configurations. The controller can also flexibly accept combinations of accessible accessories to create a unique aesthetic. I’m excited that the design will be completed by working with players rather than presenting them with a single form factor.”

Sony says there will be more news on features and launch details in the future.

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