Stephanie McMahon knows Vince’s dirtiest secrets

Stephanie McMahon knows Vince’s dirtiest secrets

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Vince McMahon was the CEO of WWE before he was forced to resign following allegations of sexual misconduct and allegedly paying $12 million in hush money in a huge scandal. He eventually retired from WWE for good and was replaced as CEO of WWE by his daughter, Stephanie McMahon. His son-in-law, Triple H, is also now Executive Vice President of Talent and Relations. Vince McMahon also lied when he recently left WWE, but he was real in the end.

However, shockingly, Vince McMahon returned to WWE as a member of the Board of Directors.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said simply that there are more things about this Vince McMahon situation that the WWE Board of Directors is trying to keep out of the public eye. It hasn’t specified exactly what they’re hiding, but it seems enough to justify such an effort.

If there had to be a stamp vote [to sell the company], it’s not that they’re dismissing him, because with all the things that’s happened in the last week, they’re trying to present a unified company. They’re also excited that Vince McMahon is back and how wonderful it is. Again, on December 27th, this board voted unanimously that “we don’t want you back,” and you know, he noted that one of the reasons for that is because there are things people don’t know about that they didn’t come out. I don’t know what that is, but they did mention that it’s one of the reasons his return wasn’t the best.

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