Tamadoge Games Arcade Beta Infuriates Cryptocurrency Community

Tamadoge Games Arcade Beta Infuriates Cryptocurrency Community

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Coin with multiple uses This week Tamadoge released the beta version of their arcade and the community is excited.

The Tamadoge Arcade now offers three games to play: To the Moon, Rocket Doge, and Super Doge. Two more games will be added soon.

The play-to-earn Metaverse gaming platform successfully combines blockchain technology with Tamagotchi-style fun.

By achieving its goal of adding real utility and value to the meme coin sector, Tamadoge has challenged the likes of Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and the likes of recent newcomer Bonk.

On October 4, 2022, TAMA token hit a record high at $0.173.

Tamadoge rose to the top three meme coins in October last year with a daily trading volume of over $57 million.

Crypto watchers expect Tamadoge’s price to likely surpass these levels thanks to product development and real-world adoption.

According to community filings, testing has gotten underway at a breakneck pace.

Tamadoge Arcade beta testers played the game for more than 150 hours during the first 15 beta tests. With over 6,000 repetitions, the arcade games are already demonstrating their highly addictive nature among beta testers.

Super Doge has been the most popular game so far. Depending on user input, the beta testing period may be extended beyond the first five days.

Beta participants will receive 10,000 Tamadoge Arcade credits to test the games. The studio strongly encourages testers to use Tamadoge’s Common, Rare, and Ultra-Rare NFTs, even though they’re not required to play the beta versions of the games.

The Tamadoge NFTs have a direct effect on gameplay mechanics and provide different game skill upgrades depending on which NFT players are using them. As players progress through the leaderboards in the full version of the Tamadoge ecosystem, they will earn Dogepoints and be rewarded with TAMA.

Additionally, players can purchase clothing and food from the Tamadoge Pet Store, where a 5% burn is applied to all purchases, making Tamadoge a deflationary asset. The pet shop serves as a source of income for the development and promotion of new products as well as for the prizes awarded to the players.

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