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Tears Of Themis announces new historical event for mid-January

Tears Of Themis announces new historical event for mid-January

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Developer HoYoverse announced that the Otome mobile game Tears of Themis will get its Blizzardous Threads of Red limited-time event on January 12th. Amidst the snowy landscape, a life passes in a moment. The attorneys will visit Blizzard Villa along with the four male protagonists, complete Snowy Mountain main and side story quests, collect Holly stationery, and receive the Event Limited badge, R-Cards, and various rewards.

In the main story, Attorneys will launch an investigation along with the four members of NXX to find out what happened in an accident during an antique magnate’s auction. Visit the villa guests, obtain various artifacts from the different buildings in the villa courtyard and uncover their respective artifact stories about the guest involved.

Blizzardous Threads of Red TOT DE IMG1

In addition, the reward event “Another Year with You” will also be available. Lawyers can complete time-limited tasks to earn Sweet Persimmons, which they can exchange for Tears of Themis – Limited, limited SR Cards from past events, and other rewards. Additionally, a number of returning events and purchase bonuses will be available for a limited time, so both new and returning players can take advantage of them.

During this event period, there will also be a limited-time bulk purchase event. At the same time, the 1st Buy Bonus will also be reset! There will be a limited-time sale for the four main male cast’s “Blizzardous”-themed outfits, as well as the “Stage” and “Old Mansion” wallpapers in the cosmetic shop.

Last but not least, a new set of SSR cards will be available through a special Shadow of Themis. It should be noted that since this is a special four SSR breakdown with all leads, a different type of currency is used. Therefore, if you have S chips, it is recommended not to convert them until the beginning of the banner. You can view all available SSR maps in our gallery below:

Tears of Themis is set in the fictional town of Stellis, where players begin their legal career as an inexperienced attorney, solving cases and problems by engaging in investigations and debates. But as the darkness beneath is finally revealed, a dark force slowly begins to emerge that threatens justice and order.

Also known as members of the NXX investigation team, the four male protagonists with different personalities provide ongoing support and support throughout this journey. Relationships thrive on building mutual trust and close collaboration.

Tears of Themis is currently available for Android and iOS, with game text available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean, and voice-over available in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, and Korean.

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