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The latest Microsoft PowerToys update ships with .NET 7 standalone

The latest Microsoft PowerToys update ships with .NET 7 standalone

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Microsoft just released the latest update for PowerToys bump it to v0.66.0. Compared to the previous update, this is a pretty significant update as it includes a standalone .NET 7, making it easier to keep up to date. It also saves storage space. Additionally, users can now select which language the Text Extractor uses from the installed OCR languages.

In addition, the update includes a lot of bug fixes and stability improvements, not to mention the new setting that allows users to sort the order of accented characters by frequency of use in Quick Accent, and fixing the reduced resource consumption bug that was caused by logging. be sure to Check out the full changelog on GitHub for more details on the changes made and fixes.

If you are interested in trying PowerToys on Windows 10 or 11, you can download the version 0.66.0 update from the GitHub page. If PowerToys is already running on your device, it should automatically notify you of this update. Alternatively, you can manually get this update today by launching your app, then clicking General, then Check for updates, and then clicking the Install Now button.

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