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The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is a beautiful dual-screen laptop for productivity

The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is a beautiful dual-screen laptop for productivity

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Lenovo makes some of the most interesting laptops out there almost every year, and at CES 2023 the company has some big announcements to make. Most notably on the consumer side, Lenovo is launching the Yoga Book 9i, a dual-screen laptop that’s heavily reminiscent of the Surface Neo that Microsoft promised a few years ago but never delivered. There’s also a nice new Yoga all-in-one desktop, a couple of tablets, and new laptops.

Lenovo Yoga Book 9i

The star of the consumer product show is for sure the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i, a convertible laptop with dual 13.3-inch OLED displays. Conceptually, the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is very similar to the Surface Neo, where you have two similar screens side by side, but these are much larger than the Surface Neo would have been. You can use just one screen and it’ll still be a pretty typical laptop experience, but combining the two adds a lot of possibilities. You can stack them vertically or side-by-side for a dual-monitor experience, and Lenovo includes a stand that you can use so the screens can be used vertically.

Lenovo Yogabook 9i 4-1

You can also use the bottom screen for typing (or the Bluetooth keyboard) or even take notes with a stylus, which both screens also support. And this is a convertible, so you can use it in tent mode too. Lenovo gives the example of a PowerPoint presentation on one screen while the other screen contains presentation controls and notes.

The displays themselves are great too. Of course, they’re OLED panels, and they also come in a very sharp 2.8K (2880 x 1800) resolution, making for a fantastic visual experience. They even cover 100% DCI-P3 and support Dolby Vision HDR, so media consumption should be great. Also contributing to this is the soundbar hinge, a hallmark of Lenovo’s premium Yoga laptops, which is also present in this dual-screen form factor.

In terms of performance, the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is powered by 15W Intel 13th Gen processors, so you don’t really have to sacrifice a lot of performance to get this form factor. You also get 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage.

The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is slated to be available in June and will start at $2,099.99 and it comes in a gorgeous Tidal Teal colorway.

Lenovo Yoga AIO 9i

On the subject of beautiful products, Lenovo also introduces the new Yoga AIO 9i Desktop, an all-in-one PC with an elegant and sophisticated design. The PC features a 32-inch 4K display with 100% sRGB coverage, ideal for office use. It also includes a 5MP webcam above the display, complete with IR facial recognition for Windows Hello and an electronic privacy shutter.

The display is encased in a dark gray casing held up by a copper-colored stand that attaches to the base where the actual computing components reside. These components include 45W Intel processors up to a Core i9-13900H as well as Nvidia GeForce RTX 40-series GPUs.

An interesting feature of the Yoga AIO 9i is the ability to connect a laptop via the USB Type-C port, which not only can be used to charge the laptop, but also gives you the ability to connect both PCs with the same keyboard and mouse Taxes . Other ports include USB4, HDMI 2.1 and two USB Type-A ports.

The Lenovo Yoga AIO 9i is expected to launch in the third quarter of the year, priced starting at $1,799.99.

Lenovo Tab Extreme

Lenovo Tab Extreme 1

Lenovo is also going all out with its tablets with the new Lenovo Tab Extreme, which lives up to its name. This is a large 14.5-inch Android tablet with a 3K OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate and support for the DCI-P3 color space. It also supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+, and for sound, eight JBL speakers with quad-channel audio promise a premium media experience.

On the performance side, the Lenovo Tab Extreme is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9000, which should give you the power you need for whatever you want to do on a tablet. Lenovo also promises up to 12 hours of battery life with this 12300mAh battery.

Lenovo Tab Extreme 3

The tablet features a magnetically attached stand that can hold it in portrait or landscape orientation, and it also includes a dual-hinged keyboard that the tablet snaps onto for more comfortable typing. The dual-hinge design allows the tablet to float above the keyboard, and the display can be conveniently tilted to different angles. The keyboard hinge also serves as a shelf for the Lenovo Precision Pen 3, which can be used to write on the tablet.

Lenovo also touts a number of smart features, like a camera that keeps the user in the picture even when moving around in a chair. The microphones can filter out background noise for improved audio quality during calls, but there’s also a 360-degree recording mode if you have multiple people on a call.

The Lenovo Tab Extreme starts at $1,199.99 and is coming later this year.

Lenovo SmartPaper

Lenovo SmartPaper 5

The latest big consumer news is the Lenovo Smart Paper, an e-ink tablet for note-taking. It features a 10.3-inch E Ink display and comes in a sleek metal body, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

It comes with a stylus that never needs to be charged and is easy to put in your pocket. The pen supports 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity as well as tilt detection, making notes feel more natural. The latency of 23 milliseconds also contributes to this, which reduces the delay when writing with the pen. The tablet offers nine different pen settings that simulate real writing tools and 74 notebook templates.

With 50GB of internal storage, Lenovo says the Smart Paper can hold over 50,000 pages of notes, and users can easily search for text within the notes to find the text they are looking for. It’s also possible to record audio as you take notes, and the tablet will remember what you heard when you wrote those notes, so you can play back that audio and give your written notes extra context. Users can also access books from and search within them by keyword. Notes and books are also available on other devices with the Lenovo Smart Paper app.

The Lenovo Smart Paper is coming later this year, starting at $399.99.

Project Chronos

While it’s not a product that’s going to be on sale anytime soon, Lenovo also announced Project Chronos, a device designed to make virtual interactions more natural. Project Chronos is a motion capture camera that replaces the need for cumbersome wearable technology. Thanks to a depth sensor camera, the device can capture and recreate the real movement of a person in a virtual 3D environment. Whether you want to be in the Metaverse or even become a VTuber, this technology aims to provide accurate and realistic motion capture without the complicated technology that is usually required.

The hardware is impressively small and designed so that everyone can have it in their home. It can be placed under a TV or monitor, or mounted on a wall. The camera itself can be rotated downward for privacy, so it only sees you when you want it to.

Lenovo says it will fully unveil the product along with its final name, although we don’t know when that will happen. The company works with developers and content partners to create experiences that leverage this hardware.

Lenovo Yoga 9i, Yoga Slim 7i Carbon, Yoga 6 and Lenovo Slim 7

Angled front view of the Lenovo Yoga 6 laptop in tent mode with a stylus being used on the screen

The rest of the Lenovo Yoga range is also refreshed this year with new specifications. The Lenovo Yoga 9i, Yoga Slim 7i Carbon, and Lenovo Slim 7 are all upgraded to 13th Gen Intel Core processors, although they’ve mostly evolved in terms of design and other specs. Similarly, the mainstream Lenovo Yoga 6 is also getting a refresh, moving to the latest AMD Ryzen 7000-series processors.

All of these laptops, with the exception of the Yoga Slim 7i Carbon, are expected to launch in the US in April. The new Lenovo Yoga 9i will start at $1,499.99, while both the Lenovo Slim 7 and Lenovo Yoga 6 are expected to start at $729.99. The Yoga Slim 7i Carbon is not coming to North America.

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