The net worth of the owner of Al Nassr

The net worth of the owner of Al Nassr

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A new spotlight will fall on the Saudi Arabian Pro League after Al Nassr’s owner managed to convince Cristiano Ronaldo to come and play for his team.

There’s no denying that it wasn’t the move Ronaldo had in mind when he made it clear in the summer of 2022 that he wanted to leave Manchester United to play in the Champions League, but interest in him wasn’t high enough to to secure a change.

A few months later his contract with United was terminated and now he has signed for Al Nassr, meaning he will likely never play in the Champions League again. How could a club that many had never heard of bring one of the greatest footballers of all time into their squad?

The deal Ronaldo signed with Al Nassr currently makes him the highest paid footballer in the world as he is expected to earn £172million a season.

Saudi Arabia is a name associated with extreme wealth in football, especially since the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF) took over Newcastle United. In terms of who specifically owns Al Nassr (and Newcastle for that matter), there isn’t much concrete information.

This is because nation states cannot own football clubs, but clubs like Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Newcastle and Al Nassr have found ways around this. The club is Saudi owned and there are very close ties to the Saudi royal family who rule the country and control its wealth.

The club’s president is Musalli Al-Muammar and he was elected to the role by Al Nassr board members in 2021. Before that he was President of the Saudi Pro League. One of the club’s main supporters is Prince Khalid bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz.

Al Nassr was co-founded by brothers Hussein Al-Jabaa and Zaid Al-Jabaa in 1955, with former Saudi Prince Abdul Rahman bin Saud Al Saud joining five years later when the club turned professional.

Due to the mysterious way Al Nassr is funded and owned, it is very difficult to accurately quantify the value of the club or ownership.

If you take Newcastle as a case study, PIF have a combined fortune of £320bn, which places them well at the top of football’s wealthy list. In comparison, the Manchester City owner is worth £21bn.

That doesn’t mean Al Nassr is worth as much, but it is a glimpse into the type of wealth prominent people in Saudi Arabian society possess. With the addition of Ronaldo, Al Nassr’s payroll now totals $278,584,102 per year.

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