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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is undoubtedly one of the most important PBS Kids shows on the network. Since 2012, it has been addressing the difficult issues surrounding difference to support families in these conversations. In an upcoming episode of Daniel Tiger’s neighborhoodthe new episode will encourage children to embrace differences more than before.

Photo credit: Miss Elaina’s bandage. (Photo) Courtesy of Fred Rogers Production

The question raised, “Why doesn’t anyone here look like me?” will be addressed in the new episode, which will air January 10.

“It was important for us to show kids that it’s not just up to them or one person to do something to show they care, because that puts too much responsibility on a kid,” said the executive producer Christopher Loggins in a recent interview with relatives of the parents. “When we work together, we can create positive change.”

Photo Courtesy: PBS Kids

Loggins and his team said that after extensive research, they found that their target audience, children between the ages of two and four, can tell when something isn’t fair. By making an effort to address these issues at such a young age, it will no doubt help bring about change where, if adults wait much longer to consider, opinions, whether true or false, are already set.

“By the time children turn 10 or 11, their attitude toward race can become solidified,” says Aisha White, director of The PRIDE program at the University of Pittsburgh, said in the same interview. “Children of all races begin to prefer white by age three, and by age four and five they may not only prefer white but begin to develop negative attitudes toward black and other people of color.”

She continued, explaining that viewers of the upcoming episode should “regularly notice, question, discuss and celebrate differences.”

Photo Courtesy: PBS Kids

So, what can parents and kids expect from the upcoming Season 6 episode, Miss Elaina’s Bandage? Well, according to, here’s a quick synopsis below.

In episode 606, Miss Elaina, the only black child in Daniel’s classroom, struggles to find a bandage that matches her skin color. Viewers also see Miss Elaina’s mother, who is white, actively creating new bandage colors so her daughter gets the representation she deserves. The following song, “If we see something that’s not fair, there’s something we can do to show we care,” seems to point to the importance of community support.

If you want to learn more about Daniel Tiger and his neighborhood, PBS has dedicated a entire website for little tiger and his friends, where visitors can play games, watch videos, interact and much more. There’s even a section for parents!

Make sure to tune in to this amazing upcoming episode on January 10th. Loggins and his team are definitely doing it right!

Photo Credit/Selected Image: Photo Credit: Fred Rogers Production (PBS Kids/Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood)

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