The Rig (2022) – Review | Prime Video series

The Rig (2022) – Review | Prime Video series

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The cast of The Rig

Iain Glen, known to many from Game of Thrones, is Magnus, the chief of the oil rig crew. In his usual cool and calm manner, Iain Glen is believable as someone who can lead a crew of very diverse people. He tries to stay calm and meet all challenges quickly, but it’s a tough fight.

Equally believable is Emily Hampshire as Rose, the ambitious oil company representative who is a scientist. At first she seems cold and calculated, but fortunately there is much more to her character. She fights to help Big Oil see the financial sense of switching to more sustainable energy sources.

As the story unfolds in The Rig, it seems Rose is a bit late for that.

Many may recognize Emily Hampshire Schott’s Creek (I certainly did) but she has done many genre productions. These include the 12 Monkeys series, Sam Raimi’s 50 terrorsand the 2021 horror mystery series Chapelwaite.

Other actors in the cast include Rochenda Sandall (Criminal: United Kingdom) as the family doctor, Owen Teale (Game of Thrones) as the constant troublemaker, and Calvin Demba (Kingsman: The Golden Circle) as the young clerk who is the first to be deeply affected by what is happening.

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