The Strike against Brand Windsor

The Strike against Brand Windsor

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Royal courtiers called it “the Marmite glass strategy”. The evolution of the Crown’s prestige over the 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign was as gradual as the changing shape of the spread container.

The recent revelations from Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex have thwarted that strategy and tarnished the British royal family’s tarnished image. But their campaign is proving as divisive as the yeast extract spread. In a royal feud created for these politically polarized times, people either love or hate the self-exiled Sussexes. Brand Windsor is the loser here.

The contents of the Duke of Sussex’s memoir, Spare, which details the loss of his virginity and a fight with his brother Prince William, was leaked across the royal family this week. The younger prince has refuted historian Walter Bagehot’s warning to guard the royal “secret”. He didn’t “let magic shine in” so much as he tore back the palace curtains and exposed the monarchy to the glare of 10,000 California suns.

In a week that should have been dominated by the far more serious drama of widespread UK rail strikes, a collapsing NHS and the aftermath of the recession, many in the UK have chosen to swallow the revelations as if they were episodes from the real-life sequel .

Angry royal siblings may have tried to raise an army and march on London in previous centuries. The weapons of this fight are less bloody but just as hurtful: Oprah interviews, Netflix series, and blockbuster books. In any case, the result is unfortunate.

The royal family has missed a unique opportunity to advance and polish their image. The princes were groomed as the standard-bearers of a more modern approach, and in 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, a marketing triumph, seemed to hint at a more inclusive monarchy. Instead, amid allegations of racism, hostility and a lack of support, the couple have forced their own split from “the Firm,” turned their PR skills on the rest of the family, and pursued a prominent career in the United States. It’s a discordant prelude to King Charles’ coronation in May.

The King will no doubt recall that his own reputation hit rock bottom less than 30 years ago after an equally controversial media battle with his wife Diana, Princess of Wales (a fictional saga with extremely unfortunate timing for the new sovereign in the final season of The Crown). Silence is the tradition and may well be Buckingham Palace’s preferred response this time, although silence has historically been seen as tacit approval of unacceptable attitudes. After spinning off the Sussexes, Palace was able to back down and let them take the celebrity low road. Time may heal the core kings’ reputations, as was the case for that of King Charles and Camilla, now Queen Consort.

This approach inevitably means that Charles III. could be the second king in 250 years to lose America, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have stepped up their support. In Britain, however, only the disgraced Prince Andrew is a less popular member of the royals. according to surveybefore the latest news. But there is a generation gap and a future where a more modern, inclusive royal family would have better reflected the nation’s image. The pressure then falls on Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales to polish the family’s appeal to younger audiences.

It’s easy to forget that the firm is a family, with the dysfunctions of a family. The difference is that feuds within this dynasty have wider implications for an institution still adapting to a new sovereign and navigating a post-Elizabethan era.

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