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The Victrola Stream Onyx turntable is tailor-made for your Sonos speakers

The Victrola Stream Onyx turntable is tailor-made for your Sonos speakers

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Victrola has removed the covers from the latest version of its Stream turntable, designed to seamlessly integrate with Sonos products.

The Stream Onyx is the successor to the Stream Carbon, which was launched in 2022. It’s an affordable, high-performance, wireless-enabled turntable that allows users to stream their vinyl records directly to their Sonos speakers without additional equipment.

This is possible because the Victrola is part of the Works with Sonos scheme and can be set up to access Sonos products via its app (Android and iOS). Once set up with a Sonos speaker, the Stream Onyx fully integrates with the Sonos S2 app for operation, and there’s an illuminated control knob on the deck itself, providing centralized volume control for your entire Sonos system.

Studio shot of Victrola Stream Onyx

The Stream Onyx is made from different materials than the Stream Carbon while still offering a premium look. These changes include an aluminum tonearm and a specially designed detachable headshell fitted with a premium Audio-Technica VM95E cartridge. Victrola also mentions that they’ve made it easy for vinyl beginners to operate the deck with its adjustable counterbalance to create the “correct downforce for dynamic frequency response and improved clarity”.

If you don’t have a Sonos system to connect the Stream Onyx to, you can use wired stereo speakers with the turntable thanks to the RCA outputs. Both 33.3 and 45 RPM speeds are supported and the player is available in any color except black.

Pre-orders for the Stream Onyx will begin January 7, 2023 on the Victrola website and Amazon, Best Buy, Crutchfield, Abt, Listen Up, NFM, and WWS with a suggested retail price of $599.

Wider availability begins in late February 2023, and Victrola plans to distribute the turntable in Europe later in the year.

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