The ‘world’s most wanted’ human trafficker arrested

The ‘world’s most wanted’ human trafficker arrested

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The “world’s most wanted” human trafficker has been arrested after increased international efforts and a bounty has been put on his head for information on his whereabouts.

According to the news site France 24 On Saturday January 7, Kidane Zekarias Habtemariam was arrested in Sudan, where he had been hiding after fleeing Ethiopia.

Habtemariam was sentenced to death by a court in Ethiopia for extortion, kidnapping and torturing migrants in Libya. But he is also wanted in Italy, the Netherlands, Libya and the Middle East.

Held in a courthouse in Ethiopia, the fugitive escaped by asking to use the bathroom and then simply left the premises.

Helping to overthrow Gaddafi, Habtemariam created a cruel and violent criminal organization that made millions from human trafficking. His bat aimed at migrants trying to reach Europe, abducted them and held them in a large warehouse manned by Libyan guards in Bani Walid, southeast of Tripoli.

The gang then contacted family members demanding extortionate ransoms, and according to survivors, they were simply “put to death” if the family couldn’t pay.

Bani Walid became known as a ghost town among migrants because many migrants simply disappeared after being taken there.

The arrest of the “world’s most wanted” human trafficker is widely applauded and is a testament to what can be achieved when Interpol and countries work together.

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