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Three Kings with a Rosca De Reyes

Three Kings with a Rosca De Reyes

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DOWNEY, California — Rosca de Reyes is a traditional cake enjoyed by Christians around the world on El Día de Los Tres Reyes Magos, or Epiphany. It’s a Latin tradition that honors the day the Magi found the newborn Jesus and officially marks the end of the holiday season for many in Mexico and Latin America.

Feasting on ‘Rosca’ cake is a big part of the celebrations. Family and friends gather to celebrate. It is a sugary, soft bread baked in a circular shape that represents God’s eternal love and a king’s crown.

Tropicana Bakery in Downey, California prepares and bakes thousands of cakes ahead of the religious holiday. A longtime baker at Tropicana, Jesus is a master at making the sweetest, most delicious Rosca de Reyes cakes. They plan to bake non-stop until January 6th. Expect a line when you visit, but it’s worth the wait.

Well, the best thing about this tradition is that each “rosca” has a small figure of Jesus hidden in the dough. Whoever gets or finds the figure in their disc can throw a party!

Visit her on social media at: Tropicana Bakery Facebook and Tropicana Bakery Instagram

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