Tom Hanks can’t watch his Big Hit movies

Tom Hanks can’t watch his Big Hit movies

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“I didn’t go where I could have gone,” Hanks said, adding that he won’t be seeing most of his films.

Tom Hanks can only count on one hand the films he considers “pretty good,” but the two-time Academy Award winner has openly suffered from doubts about his acting abilities.

The ‘Man Called Otto’ actor admitted to having “self-doubt of pure neurosis” about the “authenticity” of his roles in the “big hits” of his career.

“I wrestle with authenticity,” Hanks said during Podcast “The Great Creators with Guy Raz”. (over People). “I wrestle with the difference between lying to make a living as an actor and lying as a person.”

Hanks doesn’t watch most of his earlier films because he can see “the wrongness in them.” i see the loss I see that one time, ‘Oh man, I missed that opportunity.'”

Hanks continued, “And that’s not because I decided against it at the moment – it’s because after I was done I realized I didn’t go far enough. I didn’t go where I could have gone. Then I asked myself, well, why? Was it because I was content with what I had? Was it because I couldn’t get enough with the text? Was it because I didn’t have enough of these ideas in my bag? Or you know, was it because I was late that day and we had to rush the shot and only got two passes instead of six? That’s where self-doubt creeps in.”



In fact, Hanks noted that he doesn’t relate to any of his previous characters on a personal level.

“I’m not like one of those guys. I don’t have the wherewithal or the stamina,” Hanks shared. “But there are a number of things that I immediately reacted to.”

Hanks named “Forrest Gump” as one of the few films he gave his all for, one that earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor.

“We all sat together for weeks [director Robert Zemeckis], and Bob said, ‘Well, what do we think of that?’” Hanks said of the pre-production preparations, including research, for the original Winston Groom novel. “We started at the beginning of the script and we all talked about everything. Even scenes where we don’t appear and what that meant for the lyrics. This does not mean your own lines. You have to know the lyrics, because the lyrics are the interpretation of the subject, and the subject is why you are there in the first place.”

Hanks added of his approach to all films, “The question I ask myself is, ‘Is the subject of this film worth the time and effort and investigation to draw people in, to engage?'”

The “Elvis” actor previously said he believes he’s only appeared in four “pretty good” movies after almost 30 years in Hollywood.

“No one knows how a movie is made — although everyone thinks they do,” Hanks said People. “I’ve done a lot of films (and four of them are pretty good I think) and I’m still amazed at how films come together. From the flicker of an idea to the flickering image on the screen, the whole process is a miracle.”

Hanks added, “Filmmaking is very hard work over a very long period of time, made up of so many moments of joy met with an equal number of feelings of self-loathing. It’s the greatest job in the world and the most confusing job I know.”

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