Triple H rehires Wyatt family member on SmackDown?

Triple H rehires Wyatt family member on SmackDown?

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Bray Wyatt was released from WWE on July 31 of last year and since then the former WWE Superstar has hinted at what he might do next. It seems it once seemed like he’d be making his way to AEW much sooner than expected, given that WWE may have given him a shorter competitive break. Wyatt also appeared on March 13 at the Legends showcase 7 Event in Albany, New York. Braun Strowman was also released last year.

He eventually returned during the WWE Extreme Rules as well, as fans just went insane. He’s still editing spooky promos now. Bray Wyatt’s return to the company on Extreme Rules preceded the appearance of the Firefly Funhouse characters in the audience.

In the latest installment of Tales of Bradshaw and Brisco, one of Brisco’s stories may have revealed the current status of former WWE NXT Champion Bo Dallas. Brisco noted that Dallas and his brother Bray Wyatt were backstage on a recent episode of “WWE SmackDown” and used Brisco’s instincts.

“Both Bo and Bray, we have a thing going,” Brisco explained. “I’ve known these guys since they pooped in their diapers, every time I see them they attack me or I attack them. It’s who sees the other first.” According to Brisco, Bo visited his brother before leaving town, but after attacking Bo, Brisco got a surprising amount of heat.

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