Ty Lue: “There’s still a lot of time left”

Ty Lue: “There’s still a lot of time left”

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Los Angeles Clippers head coach Ty Lue believes his team has plenty of time to find out (21-20 record / currently on a 5-game losing streak).

(via SmokeyHoops):

“There is still a lot of time. I think a lot of people talk about continuity and stuff like that, but we’ve been together for three years. So the continuity is there, only the play is missing. So we just have to get sane and figure it out from there. But I have no doubts, once we’re healthy and understand our rotations and how we have to play, we’ll be fine. It’s been a tough year for us getting everyone healthy and playing at the same time. So it is what is. We’re not the only team experiencing this, it’s league wide but I’m just worried about our team. We just have to try to get healthy and string together as many games as possible with our entire squad. That wasn’t much this year. So there’s really nothing you can do about it.”

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