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Typhur Launches Sous Vide Station with 12-Inch Display • Alaska Green Light Blog

Typhur Launches Sous Vide Station with 12-Inch Display • Alaska Green Light Blog

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Come in, the water is lovely. You didn’t think there was room for more players in the busy soup of the crowded sous vide market, but Typhur different, thank you. At CES in Las Vegas, the company introduced an exquisitely designed temperature sensor for $99 and announced its flagship product, the sous vide station.

Well, sous vide (which means “under vacuum”) is not a new technology. The idea of ​​cooking longer at lower temperatures to ensure even heat distribution throughout the food was first described in 1799. In sous vide, you vacuum pack something you want to cook in a bag and then cook it at a very specific temperature for a specific time. If you have a way to precisely control the temperature of the water and a timer, you’re good to go. A determined hacker with $40 to spare can create one themselves in 10 minutesso it’s not surprising that Kickstarter is full of sous vide projects, with varying degrees of success and varying degrees of sophistication.

Typhur skipped Kickstarter, raised $20 million, and positions itself at the high end of the achievement scale.

“Food is a science that requires precise timing and temperature to extract the best flavor,” said Frank Sun, founder of Typhur Inc. It’s a technique valued for its ability to do anything from savory Steaks to poached eggs to achieve a consistent and exact degree of doneness. With Typhur’s comprehensive sous vide station, anyone can become an iron chef in their own kitchen at home—even when cooking in a small space.”

Admittedly, Typhur’s response to the challenge is extraordinarily slick. It packs a 12.3-inch LCD screen, video-based instructions and recipes, a powerful 1,750W heater and circulator, and a really, really cool design. Among other things, the company has developed reusable vacuum bags and a portable air suction pump that connects magnetically to the side of the machine, where it also charges wirelessly. It wouldn’t look out of place in the fanciest of the highest design eat-in kitchens. At CES, the team insists that pricing has not yet been finalized, but the Typhur website does list it a price tag of $900 and a presale price of $700. Pre-orders will open “soon”.

Typhur’s vacuum pump can be used with the company’s reusable bags. Credit: John Bedell/Typhur

The company also showed off the first product it’s shipping: the Typhur InstaProbe, a $100 temperature probe that lets you see if your food is ready. You can buy less sophisticated versions for $15but there’s no denying that the InstaProbe is a fantastically sleek designed version.

“We are thrilled to release the fastest, most accurate food thermometer on the market,” Sun said. “The speed and precision offered by the InstaProbe offers unparalleled control over your meat. Most food thermometers take 2-5 seconds to get a reading and are not entirely accurate. The Typhur InstaProbe provides highly accurate readings in less than a second thanks to our patented technology.”

The Typhur InstaProbe has a large, easy-to-read display. An accelerometer means the numbers are always pointing up correctly. Photo credit: Typhur

We have no way of verifying Typhur’s claims, so we’ll have to take them at their word, but it’s undoubtedly one of the better-looking food thermometers we’ve seen, and there’s no shortage of people tweaking for these types of thermometers that we can so definitely see these showing up in high-end kitchenware stores and Silicon Valley grills in the near future. The thermometers are now being shipped.

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