Ukraine and NATO countries are rushing to produce new weapons in Kyiv. US request to Italy: “Send anti-missile shield.”

Ukraine and NATO countries are rushing to produce new weapons in Kyiv. US request to Italy: “Send anti-missile shield.”

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The NATO countries are accelerating the delivery of arms to Ukraine And a delicate order arrives in Rome from Washington. however, amid internal controversy, Germany undertook to ship 40 wagons from Defense Marder to Kyiv and France announce they will send AMX-10RC wheeled armored reconnaissance vehicles, fast and silent, with a 105mm gun they will use Prepare a new $3 billion package. These days they are calling on the allies to quickly provide support for Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the war of resistance against the invasion of Russia.

That’s exactly what US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Francesco Tallo, diplomatic adviser to Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, said in an interview on Friday, Britain’s The Guardian White House newspaper reported. Reaffirming the pledge to support Kyiv in the form of energy and military aid “in defense of the country’s sovereignty and democracy,” the White House has issued a detailed request to Italy, in light of Decree VI, to send war material that has yet to be found is on standby but expected soon: Enter a file Samp-T-SystemAn anti-missile shieldMilitary sources also confirmed a republic.

Final agreement on pro-Ukraine efforts will come in two weeks at the Allied Summit at Rammstein Air Force Base in Germany. Given this naming, Sullivan “remembers” Talò of the general editions from France, Germany, and the US itself, which also include Bradley in the last package. Italy has not approved or announced anything yet. And the USA is now also putting pressure on because the batteries of the Samp-T system have been “promised” since the Draghi government. L’Army She has six of them, five of them working and one training. The idea was to send the latter with some updates and work with France since there are no rocket launchers that Paris should deliver.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelensky said he thanked German Chancellor Olaf Schulz for the decision to send 40 armored vehicles and Marder missile systems to Patriot in the first quarter of the year. According to the Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security Council Oleksey Danilov, this new Western aid means only one thing: supporting Kyiv so that wars of resistance are not fought when supplies have been limited to man-portable rocket launchers, javelins and spikes, but the conflict that leads to them will “convince”. me 2023 This is how Danilov explains “offensive war”.

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