Using ‘grandparent fraud’, a Boston man is accused of trying to steal money from senior citizens

Using ‘grandparent fraud’, a Boston man is accused of trying to steal money from senior citizens

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A guy has been arrested and prosecuted by Billerica police after he allegedly tried to rob an elderly citizen using the increasingly common grandparent scam.

Authorities say the resident has no grandchildren.

Billerica Police were contacted around 9am Thursday that a 79-year-old homeowner had received a call from a man claiming to be her grandchild “Bobby”. According to police, the suspect, identified as Tony Mejia, 37, of Boston, claimed he was arrested for drunkenly hitting a pregnant woman with his car. He expressed his regret at what had happened and advised the resident not to contact anyone or tell anyone what had happened.

Police arrived at the resident’s home and overheard her dialing a phone number for a lawyer, which had been given as “Bobby.”

The courier, later identified as Mejia, returned to the residence later that day and picked up an envelope that appeared to contain cash.

The second person told the resident that their grandchild needed $6,000 bail to get out of jail and offered to send a courier to their home to collect the money.

Mejia was arrested driving away from police and now faces accusations of false theft.

“This is a textbook example of the grandparent and bail scam that has recently killed at least 25 people in eastern Massachusetts,” said Billerica Police Chief Roy Frost. “The resident targeted in this case did exactly what was asked of her as she quickly contacted Billerica Police and assisted us in the arrest in an increasingly typical type of behavior targeting seniors in our communities.”

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Boston man accused of attempting to steal money from seniors Check all the news and articles from the latest business news updates.

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