What Gold Rush’s Parker Schnabel does on his free time off the show

What Gold Rush’s Parker Schnabel does on his free time off the show

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In 2018, Parker Schnabel took part in an AMA on the subreddit r/goldrush and u/almond butter toast asked the mining mogul what he likes to do in his free time. “I love spending some time in London where the show is being edited and watching the process and hanging out with my film crew mates,” says Schnabel answered. “I travel, hang out with the pup, play in the snow, prepare for another summer war.” Whenever the crew is filming Schnabel, everyone is busy with work, so it stands to reason they don’t spend much time together, when they film the show. It’s nice to know that he spends some time with them outside of filming.

Elsewhere in the same AMA thread, u/tr1gger Schnabel asked what he does with all the money he makes from gold mining since he’s never been seen with a lavish house or an expensive car on the show. Schnabel continued brag about the two new bulldozers he bought over the winter and said, “But really, no home yet or anything. I don’t know where I want to live!” It seems that for all of the success and fame he’s garnered since the first season of “Gold Rush,” Schnabel hasn’t changed much from the young miner he was when the show began, and that’s part of it what makes Schnabel such an interesting character to see on the show.

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