Who is Jessie J’s boyfriend? Meet Chanan Safir Colman

Who is Jessie J’s boyfriend? Meet Chanan Safir Colman

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Now that Jessie J has officially announced she’s pregnant, you might be wondering who she’s dating.

The 34-year-old “Price Tag” hitmaker confirmed she’s expecting a baby on Friday (January 6). The exciting news comes after she sadly revealed that she suffered a miscarriage in November 2021.

In 2021, she said she “decided to have a baby on her own.” She did not disclose the father of her child in 2023. However, it is strongly believed that she is dating Chanan Safir Colman.

Who is he? We have the shovel here.

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Jessie has previously been linked to the likes of Channing Tatum and dated Max Pham Nguyen in 2021.

She has been linked to Chanan since April 2022 when the Daily mail caught them kissing over lunch in Los Angeles.

When in touch weekly remarked, Jessie announced last May that she was in love, which heavily alluded to her relationship with Chanan.

They were still going strong in September when they were spotted chilling in a pool in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in connection with their performance at Rock in Rio Festival 2022.

Who is Chanan?

Jessie’s boyfriend is 34 years old and a Danish-Israeli professional basketball player.

His Instagram Account has not been updated since October 2022 but Jessie liked his last post and is still following it.

His biography makes it clear that he has been a professional athlete for 16 years. He appears to be signed to the Israeli basketball team Hapoel Haifa, which he has announced Instagram in 2021.

Though Jessie and Chanan haven’t made their red carpet relationship official, they haven’t confirmed they have split and appear to have been going strong at least until October, when she liked Chanan’s last Instagram post.

Jessie spoke openly about her miscarriage in August 2022. See what she had to say here.

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