Woman hit by goon in River North, warns of another random attack

Woman hit by goon in River North, warns of another random attack

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CHICAGO — Evelyn O’Connor said she was punched in the face by a man she didn’t know on Thursday, adding that she wasn’t the only victim.

While O’Connor says she is physically recovering, the entire ordeal was traumatic.

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It was around 1:45 p.m. when O’Connor says she was venturing into Marshalls on her lunch break by walking across Rush Street when she noticed a man standing too still to console himself.

As she approached the sidewalk and tried to walk around it, O’Connor said the man attacked her completely unprovoked, causing her vision to blur and her to lose her alertness.

“For a split second I could turn my head and he hit me sideways in the face, flew into a tree, collected me and said a few swear words and he walked away like nothing happened,” O’Connor said. “I’ve been a Chicagoan my whole life. It’s really scary to be attacked, a victim of a crime of this caliber, but I’m only doing this in the hope that people like me will file a police report.

O’Connor said the perpetrator then walked across the street as if nothing had happened after that and allegedly snatched the bags from another woman’s hands and threw her to the ground before pushing her.

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Bystanders helped O’Connor and waited with her after she called the police. But after waiting 20 minutes, O’Connor decided to leave the area out of concern the man might come back. She filed a complaint with a nearby police station on Friday.

Although O’Connor was devastated by the ordeal, she said she was grateful for friends and family who reached out to see if she was okay.

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It is unclear whether the other victim reported the alleged attack. Still, WGN News has reached out to the Chicago Police Department to see if there are other similar incident reports.

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